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The heart of the Ardennes by bike! routes of 40 to 60 km

Around the cottage, you will find everything you need for cycling trips!

VELORANDOROUTE offers you 8 bike rides in the heart of the Ardennes. These include a distance of about 40 to 60 km depending on the circuit. On the one hand, the positive elevations of these circuits range from 400 to 1100 m. On the other hand, the routes used are cycle lanes, secondary roads or dirt roads. They are therefore suitable for road bikes. On the other hand, they will be partly impractical for bicycles with thin tubulars. Depending on the difficulty of these hikes (positive elevation and distance), they will require the implementation of more or less assertive cycling skills. However, the profiles are reserved for those who already have a good practice


VELORANDOROUTE offers you these different routes on their website, an interactive map and GPS downloading of the different sections. You will also find the description of the different routes.

Description and GPS download of the different routes:

link to the interactive map (in french) HERE

Link to the general website of VELORANDOROUTE HERE

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