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What to do in Tenneville and its surroundings (Town next to Roumont)

Country of the deer and the black stork, Tenneville offers a landscape with marked relief between rivers and forests, in the Natural Park of the Two Ourthes and the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert.

More than half covered by forest, the town enjoys a high quality environment and a rich natural heritage formed, among other things, by the large forest of Saint-Michel Freyr, the Rouge Poncé nature reserve, observation areas wild meat…

Without forgetting that it is at a place called "La Converserie" that, according to popular legend, Saint Hubert would have met the cruciferous deer...

Link to the website : HERE

On this site of Tenneville/Champlons you will discover several suggestions for various and varied activities such as a forest bath, a gourmet visit, cross-country skiing in winter, discovering the markets; listen to the roar of the deer, discover tourist routes.

So go take a look, you may come away inspired.

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